An AIM convo from yesterday:

Ronni (12:56:25 PM): and we can write blurbs for each other’s back covers
Ronni (12:56:51 PM): “A fun, tantalizing, scandalous read!” – Ronni D****, New York Times bestselling author of Only Yours.
Mandy (12:57:01 PM): LOL
Mandy (12:57:19 PM): yeah, totally. and I’ll put “Touching. Just couldn’t put it down- NYT best seller, Amanda H******”

From today:

Ronni (1:53:25 PM): *i’d like to thank boys for being cute enough to inspire me to write stories about them*
Mandy (1:53:31 PM): LOL
Mandy (1:54:05 PM): and I’ll put “I’d like to thank the wright brothers for creating airplanes, without which there could not be a jetsetters social club”

Hey, it never hurts to plan ahead. I’m just sayin’…

ETA: Guess what? Today is my and Mandy’s 2 month anniversary of BFF Writing Partners! :) Happy Anniversary (Monthsary?) Mandy!

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