My week in a nutshell, maybe.

Monday, Chris got Aidan new pets–five fish to be exact. No names yet, but they’re fun and cute:

The bowl looks cloudy here but we’ve remedied that problem. :)

Tuesday, I ate dinner at Chris’s moms–fried (Honey Baked) ham and eggs and an English muffin coated with jelly YUMMMY. Later that evening, we had a bunch of friends over for our annual Christmas Thingy, and Chris busted out the chocolate fondue fountain he’d gotten for Christmas from my parents. IT WAS A HIT. I mean, yummy. We had fruit and marshmallows to put in the chocolate, which flowed over the sides in sheets. Heavenly. Check out the video of it in action:

The Chocolate Fountain | 18.2 megabytes | Click!

It’s big, but worth it!! I promise! :)

After everyone else left, Craig stayed behind while I configured and customized his brand new laptop. At first, I’d wondered why he didn’t call me to go with him, but his reasons were justified:

1. He was buying Best Buy gift cards.
2. It was spur of the moment.

Fun was had by all on Tuesday, and not only did I score more Best Buy cards, I also got THIS:

I mean, WHOA? I am so excited, I’d missed this dang show. **hugs QAF**

Wednesday–I sadly have no recollection! Must not have been important. I’m sure I spent a great deal of time on the computer dorking around, but otherwise, I don’t remember much.

Chris and Aidan went to a hockey game Thursday night. I stayed home and pampered myself with an extra long shower and an early bedtime. It was amazing and DEFINITELY needed. But according to the photos, they both had loads of fun:

Dawn (dawnmalek), if you want to see some actual hockey pictures, click here.

Friday, we celebrated AIDAN’S THIRD BIRTHDAY!!

It was an OSU themed party, but I got him Little People stuff, OF COURSE!

Can you believe he’s THREE? I can’t. He got loads of gifts, ate cake, and was generally super cute as always.

Happy Birthday Aidan! | 2.4 megabytes | Click!

And guess what? My friend Jenny, whose shower I went to in October, had her baby–she was born the same day as Aidan. Ha. :)

What are your plans for New Years? I plan tol be partying at Chad and Christy’s place ’til God knows when. Knowing me, I’ll be wishing I was home pecking away on the computer. As it is, I hope to get in some writing tomorrow and Sunday as well. I’ll be undoubtedly skipping church, heh. OH yeah, the Davis Family Christmas gift exchange happens that day! I must not be hungover, then. :)

Monday, I don’t have to go to work WOOHOO! so it’ll be me and Aidan all day. I’m sure we’ll be fine, though. :) I hope to get a bit of writing done then as well.

And for good measure, one more video. This one is of one of the cool ornaments I bought this year:

Cool Ornament | 2.7 megabytes | Click!

Okay, I’m outta here. I’m cold, kind of hungry, and my laptop hasn’t been plugged in for quite a while which means it’s about to go out or already has. Good night/morning! :):):)

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