Day: January 20, 2006

I Need More Writing Time

Anyone have any suggestions?

It’s getting to the point where the only interrupted and peaceful time I have is like … NOW and I can’t take it because I have to be up for work in six hours, and work (not counting the commute) means at least eight hours of writing time gone every day. In addition to that:

– Aidan stays up later and later;
– Chris comes home and spends all his time doing other stuff which leaves ME to entertain Aidan all evening;
– Traffic seems to be taking longer and longer to get through every day (and I use BACK ROADS);
– The house NEVER stays clean for longer than an hour after I get done picking up;
– Life, obligations, friends, family, church stuff…all that jazz.

Does anyone have any suggestions???? I feel like I’m part of a losing battle here. :(

When I wrote ONLY YOURS, I didn’t drive yet, so I had to wait for Chris to get me after work, which meant an extra 90 minutes at my desk everyday. As I wasn’t getting paid for it, I used to time to write. Aidan also had a decent bedtime–he’d go down about 9 or 10. Now, it’s more like midnight or one, later if he can help it. He fights it so much and I’m the enforcer. With me being a night owl, it’s hard to get him to sleep when that’s the last thing on MY mind.

Now, it’s HARD to find time, it truly is. And guess what? I have a cough, a scratchy throat, and probably a fever. Guess who is tempted to stay home tomorrow/today? But it’s not as if I’ll get writing done…Chris won’t take Aidan to be watched if I am home sick. :[

If I ever sell a book and make loads of money, I am SO hiring a nanny.

(In the meantime, thank goodness for legal pads and little note pads. At least I can jot things down, even if I can’t seem to find the time to put them into fruition ever.)

P.S. Aidan is still awake. So much for my peaceful, uninterrupted late night time. :( Anyone have any advice on getting headstrong/nightowl/three-year olds to bed before 2am???!??!?!?!!?!?

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There are a million hours in the day for:

– Work
– Sitting in Traffic
– Tending to OTHER PEOPLE
– Errands
– Cleaning…the NEVERENDING cleaning

There is no time for:

– Writing
– Relaxing
– Reading

Why is that? :(

I’m going to be tired and probably cranky at work because all I’ll want to do is get home and write. But then I’ll get home and have to tend to Aidan, and then Chris and Aidan.

I stayed home from work to tend to a feverish and coughing little boy and I got nothing written. Now I’m coming down with a sore throat–GREAT. That’s all I need. I’m just annoyed right now. And broke. Wah.

(And Aidan is STILL awake.)

This sucks. I hope I get SOMETHING done this weekend.

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