Anyone have any suggestions?

It’s getting to the point where the only interrupted and peaceful time I have is like … NOW and I can’t take it because I have to be up for work in six hours, and work (not counting the commute) means at least eight hours of writing time gone every day. In addition to that:

– Aidan stays up later and later;
– Chris comes home and spends all his time doing other stuff which leaves ME to entertain Aidan all evening;
– Traffic seems to be taking longer and longer to get through every day (and I use BACK ROADS);
– The house NEVER stays clean for longer than an hour after I get done picking up;
– Life, obligations, friends, family, church stuff…all that jazz.

Does anyone have any suggestions???? I feel like I’m part of a losing battle here. :(

When I wrote ONLY YOURS, I didn’t drive yet, so I had to wait for Chris to get me after work, which meant an extra 90 minutes at my desk everyday. As I wasn’t getting paid for it, I used to time to write. Aidan also had a decent bedtime–he’d go down about 9 or 10. Now, it’s more like midnight or one, later if he can help it. He fights it so much and I’m the enforcer. With me being a night owl, it’s hard to get him to sleep when that’s the last thing on MY mind.

Now, it’s HARD to find time, it truly is. And guess what? I have a cough, a scratchy throat, and probably a fever. Guess who is tempted to stay home tomorrow/today? But it’s not as if I’ll get writing done…Chris won’t take Aidan to be watched if I am home sick. :[

If I ever sell a book and make loads of money, I am SO hiring a nanny.

(In the meantime, thank goodness for legal pads and little note pads. At least I can jot things down, even if I can’t seem to find the time to put them into fruition ever.)

P.S. Aidan is still awake. So much for my peaceful, uninterrupted late night time. :( Anyone have any advice on getting headstrong/nightowl/three-year olds to bed before 2am???!??!?!?!!?!?

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