Chris asked me that yesterday when I got home from the library. I was excited because I’d gotten in an hour of good writing, despite the loud people at the Internet computers. I also managed to snag eight new books for my reading/researching pleasure.

As soon as I got in the door, and before I’d even taken my coat off, my cell phone started ringing. I didn’t pick up because hello, I’d barely had a chance to remove my gloves and hat. The house phone rang. Then after I’d finally gotten off, and settled down with my computer, I was looking forward to another hour or so of writing because Aidan was asleep. But NO. The phone started ringing non-stop. My cell phone, then Chris’s cell phone. Then the house phone. Over and over and over and over. Of course, all that ringing brought a “thump” from upstairs and a cute little voice calling “Daddy?”

I go through stages. There’s my “I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND WANT TO BE AROUND THEM ALL THE TIME FOREVER AND EVER AMEN” stage, and my “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE SO I CAN WRITE” stage. Can you guess which one I’m in now?

I know, it’s mean. But it’s something I HAVE to do or I’ll get VERY cranky. I give give give ALL the time. I’m taking now.

Don’t worry, this is temporary. I’ll be clamoring to be a social butterfly again before long. But right now, I have to get this done.

Back to work…

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