Day: February 7, 2006

Something Fun

As I cruise toward the 25,000 word mark in my WIP, I find myself:

  • Not being able to sleep due to the constant churning of ideas.
  • Becoming resentful of almost anything that takes me time and attention away from writing.

Okay, but this was supposed to be fun. :)

I like to put together soundtracks for my WIPs. They are fluid, always subject to change based on how the character grows, how the plot develops, or how sick I end up being of the song. HA.

So, for my current WIP, the songs I have on the playlist (for now) are:

Heartbeat – Annie
Why Can’t I – Liz Phair
Black Roses Red – Alana Grace
Be Be Your Love – Rachel Yamagata
Hoppilolla – Sigur Ros
Boum-Boum – Enigma
Ever The Same – Rob Thomas
Collide – Howie Day
And Then We Kiss – Britney Spears
Serious – Gwen Stefani
These Words – Natasha Bedingfield
Never Leave – Kendall Payne
Forever Love (Digame) – Anna Nalick
Deliver Me – Sarah Brightman

Other fun things I do:

I’ve recently subcribed to several “teen” oriented magazines, and I got two in the mail recently: CosmoGirl and Seventeen. I really like CosmoGirl a lot. But even though I’m sure there are nice articles I can use, I was more interested in the pictures, and I cut out pictures of what my MC’s room looks like. :) Cool, huh? Now I have something to visualize if I ever feel inclined to describe her bedroom.

I also like to nab those email surveys that come around way too often and fill them out from the POVs of my characters.

In Reading News, I finished Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty, and I am very emotionally satisfied. I’m looking forward to Charmed Thirds. Best thing? I emailed her and told her how awesome she is, and she wrote back. YAY for super cool authors. I’m going to be a super cool author. :)

I started reading TTYL, and then I put it down. Maybe I’m too old, but an ENTIRE BOOK written in IMs might be too much for me to handle. However, I bought and read Rhymes with Witches by the same author a long time ago and that book is freaky. I liked it, though. SO, I switched to Sixteen, which is a collaboration, and Sarah Dessen AND Megan McCafferty are in it, so yeah. I’ll probably finish that up before the weekend. I’m cruising right along to my 100 New Books in 2006 goal.

Alrighty then. It’s just about time for me to blow this pop stand, so ’til later! :)

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The Art of Negotiation: FOOD/Conversations with Aidan

Aidan does not get a lot of variety in his diet. Part of the reason is that he is super picky, and has a list of five foods he’ll eat with gusto. Part of the reason is that I’m not a creative cook at all, and when I’m hungry, I’m HUNGRY, so waiting forever for a meal is not an option. It has to be quick and easy. So last night, I made creamy chicken rice (Aidan thinks rice is short noodles LOL), peas, tator tots, and chicken nuggets. As soon as Aidan saw his plate, he began the whining: I DON’T LIKE PEAS. (I know that this is a full out lie. He eats peas all the time for my mom with full gusto). So, I made a deal. I said to him “If you eat ONE pea, you can have root beer.” Thus the bargaining began.

Ronni: One little pea. And you can have root beer.
Aidan: No, I eat one CHICKEN! Then I have root beer.
Ronni: No, one pea.
Aidan: No, I eat one tator tot, then I have root beer.
Ronni: No, one PEA. Just one little pea.
Ronni: They’re sweet. Just try one pea. And you can have root beer.
Aidan: One noodles.
Ronni: One little pea.

At this point, I got up, went to his side of the table, and put a pea on the fork. Aidan started to freak out, but then I calmly repeated my offer:

Ronni: All you have to do is eat one pea, and you can have some root beer.
Aidan: One pea?
Ronni: Just one.

Aidan ate the pea. I gave him a little bit of root beer. He asked for more, and I told him not until he ate more peas. Then I told him the more peas he ate, the more root beer he could have. He then ate several fork fulls of peas. A few tator tots. One chicken nugget, and a few forkfuls of rice/noodles. I felt good. :) He didn’t finish his plate by a long shot, but I got some veggies in the boy (and myself, for that matter).

He got hungry around 9:30pm and ate two packets of oatmeal. He’ll always love his staples.

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