Last Tuesday, Chris’s (and my) grandfather passed away. It was sudden and heartbreaking. He was such a great, vibrant person, and I seriously did NOT see this coming–not so soon.

Only today am I easing into “normalcy” again. As the pastor said at the funeral on Saturday, it’s time to write the next chapter in my life… just without him.

Aidan is with my mom until February 25th, so I’m expecting to get in some GOOD writing time the next two weeks. Wish me luck!!

I got the chance to finish five books:

Sixteen – edited by Megan McCafferty
Keep In Touch (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants marketing tool–so glad I got it from the library instead of buying it)
Unscripted – Amy Kaye
The Used To Be It Girl – Amy Kaye
A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl – Tanya Lee Stone (tanyaleestone)

Dude, how sad am I that Smooch went under? They had such cute books. And Tanya’s book was amazing. I finished it in under and hour–I could not put it down.

I MUST go to the library before the 15th. My reserve for Twilight came in, and I want to read that book badly.

I’m tired. And I’m ready for my massage on Friday.

‘Til later!

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