It’s kind of weird to be half-listening to your iTunes playlist (which is on random) and for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons to start essentially yelling your name in your ear.

I actually jumped, even though I’d heard the song loads of times.

Someone on my f-list mentioned something about a “writing journal,” and being the journal fiend I am, decided that was a wonderful idea. So I went home to my stash of journals (how sad is that?) and pulled out a cute pink one that a friend had gotten me for my birthday in 2004. YES I have a backlog, shoot me. Anyway, I love the idea. So now I have a writing notebook, made for me by , a little writing notepad from the same person, and my writing journal. I’m going to use that for officially documenting ideas. The notebook is for one WIP and its details, and the notepad is for jotting down ideas. Confusing? Yeah, I thought so.

Tomorrow, Aidan comes back. I’m going to try to write/revise my butt off tonight–but you know, I kinda of want to go shopping. Maybe I’ll do the “put everything into an online shopping cart then close the browser window” thing. Although, I do have gift cards, and tonight would be the perfect chance to shop “child-free” before my life as a mommy kicks back into gear… we’ll see how I feel.

I also NEED to finish The DaVinci Code tonight. It’s due tomorrow and I’m not allowed to renew it. Fortunately, I don’t have much more to go. I missed out on my chance to read Elsewhere, another one that is due tomorrow but not renewable. Poo.

Today is the MC’s birthday in my MAJOR REVISION PROJECT. Happy Birthday, Leanna! :)

Also, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of writers who are juggling careers with raising children. In honor of this, I have created a new community called Writer Moms. Click here to check it out:

‘Til later, says the notebook/journal fiend.

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