Today I hooked my monitor and stuff up to my laptop. Then I realized that I needed a USB keyboard, so off to Best Buy we went. I was going to get a wireless keyboard and mouse ($49), but then I saw a nice $19 USB keyboard, wired, but good enough for what I wanted, so I got that. THEN I picked up a 160 gig external hard drive ($89). I’m backing up all my files now. YAY. This was important to me because I was feeling weird about having all my precious files on one place. Call me paranoid, but after losing two computers within two weeks of each other, I don’t want to take anymore chances.

I mean, I know it’s weird, but I missed writing at my desk. So until I get my desktop computer from Andy, I will probably keep my laptop hooked up here… well, at least until I need to be downstairs with my laptop, like tomorrow, for instance. I’d LOVE a docking station, but I am not sure if they make them for my particular computer. That way I can just plop it on the station and not have to worry about stopping things and unhooking them and stuff. But again, I’ll get my desktop sometime, so I probably won’t even need to do that. We’ll see. :)

Fifteen out of forty-nine folders have been copied, and it’s been going for about 90 minutes now. :D I have about 70 gigs of stuff to move over.

Chris is planning a vacation for us. Unfortunately, not Disneyworld. :( However, it will be the southwest, so I’m okay with that. Vegas (a stripview room in Rio!!), Phoenix, Mexico. Good times. It will be my first time visiting outside of the U.S. I know, sad, isn’t it? I’ve never even been to Canada, not yet anyway. Anyway, can you say BELLAGIO BUFFET??? And fountains, and the malls and pretty stuff and photo ops… YES. Can’t wait. :D

Yesterday, I spent the whole day indoors thanks to a poopy scratchy/sore throat. Chris took Aidan to the Air Force Museum, so I got some quality rest in. Then I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert Pattison is illegally handsome. :D

Today, I found out that Katie reads my LJ, so hi Katie!! ♥ Same to all you “IRL” people who read my journal. Don’t be afraid, come on out and say hi! :D

Right now, Aidan is watching Monsters, Inc which I bought today, along with The Parent Trap. I’m looking for Blast from the Past on DVD. I wonder if it’s out. It’s such a cute movie! Okay, I’m being summoned by my little guy. I’m also craving bacon like WHOA but I don’t have any in the house, and I doubt I could convince Chris to go out and get me some. :x

Anyway, good night!!

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