Day: March 30, 2006


Today was a beautiful day. The temp was in the 70s. I busted out my roller skates and although it took me a while to get my legs, I was able to feel pretty confident on them again.

I got the new aquarium… and I’m excited about that.

It will be Friday AND payday in about 22 minutes.

I’m going on a diet. A real one, starting April 12th. I tried to start one with mandywriter but it’s hard to stay accountable when she lives all the way in Washington while I am here in Ohio. Libby is going on this diet with me (even though Teresa thinks we’re “midgets”) because we both want to get in shape. I also want my pants to stop being tight. I had to be that girl at life group last night–you know, the one who unbuttons her pants after dinner (which happened to be three bowls of Caty’s DELICIOUS soup). This means that:

  • I’ll need to cut out grilled ham and cheese sammiches from the cafeteria at work, chocolate chip cookie dough, and generally any unhealthy snack I enjoy. :(
  • I’ll need to eat more fruits and veggies, and also eat less. I’ve been making a pig out of myself for about 7 weeks now and it’s time to call a halt.
  • I’ll need to start working out. Libby wants to work out with my twice a week downstairs in the workout room. For the record, I SUCK on equipment. Give me a good beat and I’ll dance my a$$ off, but using a treadmill? Stair climber? Argh. It’s just… awful. So we’ll see how that goes. Maybe if I take a book and my iPod, things will be different.
  • No more Kool-Aid, pop, or anything yummy. Only water or tea.

It is going to suck! But you know what, I need to get healthy again. I just feel bloated and icky and gross these days. And I’ll get used to it. Right? RIGHT? I mean, there are loads of sweets I can eat without stuffing in the sugar. Like sugar-free Jell-O. Or fruit. Yeah, fruit. I’ve been enjoying strawberries like whoa lately. I also think I need to go back to this meal plan:

  1. small breakfast (eg granola bar)
  2. big lunch
  3. small or no dinner
  4. tiny snack

I’ve really been out of control lately, and right before the summer? Unacceptable. Totally.


No writing today. I don’t think I even got anything planned. Oops. I did THINK of how to modify some scenes. I didn’t get a chance to write it down–so hopefully it will come back to me at a more convenient time.

HEY what do you know, I just remembered. Please excuse me …

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New Home!

Miranda, Freddie and Flossie have a new home. Today I bought a 29 gallon aquarium, new decorations, and a stand, and we moved them this evening. It took Miranda all of three minutes before she was up and about and exploring. Freddie and Flossie are a bit freaked out, understandably, but I think they’ll love their new non-leaking home. I’m very excited about the purchase, and look forward to spending evenings in the family room, writing and watching the fish tank. :)

Good night!

P.S. I have 52 emails that need my attention, and who knows when I will get a chance to deal with them? So, I’m not ignoring you if I have one from you–I just haven’t had time to handle it yet. :O

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Oooh, Naughty Girl, I Am!!

So, I TRY to get to bed around 10:30pm. I usually don’t turn out the lights until about midnight or so. Well, last night/this morning, I ended stayed up until after 1am. Guess what I was doing. GUESS!

Okay, I’ll tell you. I opened my WIP just to do a quick read-through, and the next thing I knew–I had written several hundred words. I love when I get into those zones. When out of the blue, I’m typing like whoa, and the words are flowing out of me. It doesn’t happen often enough to make me happy, and when it does, it’s usually when I:

a. should be in bed
b. need to get ready to go somewhere
c. should be doing something else

Yeah, it kind of sucks. But the weekend is coming, I’ve beat my March goal, and who knows what April has in store for me? :)

I came across this list on the LJ community: (more…)

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