Day: April 18, 2006

Spring Fling Plans

The Chicago Spring Fling is next Friday!!!! Oh my gosh!! How excited am I??

The schedule has been posted, so these are the classes I plan to take:

Getting out of Deadwood

Be the Best Applicant for the (Writing) Job
Making Your Characters Real
Charms for the Writing Life /Gris-Gris for Writers
Inside an Editor’s Mind
The Care and Feeding of Agents

While I am there, I get to meet cool people, do cool things, and hopefully get insanely inspired to finish my current WIP (which is now titled!). I’ve never been steeped in writing like that before, so I’m definitely looking forward to learning what I can, networking, and just being there. Good times!

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What? A Meme?

1. What is your favorite spread for toast? Grape jam.

2. Describe your umbrella. Broken and cheap.

3. What piece of jewelry do you wear every day? My wedding/engagement ring (they’re soldered together), Mickey Mouse watch, Return to Tiffany necklace and bracelet.

4. Who was president when you graduated from high school? William Jefferson Clinton.

5. What is your favorite month of the year? Hmm. I’m not sure!

6. What color shoes are you wearing? Brown Eastland oxfords.

7. Describe a favorite childhood toy. Pandernoodle. I still have him. :)

8. Did you grow up in a one or two story house? I grew up in a two story house, but the two stories were different “apartments.”

9. Have you grown up to be who you wanted to be? Not yet!!

10. Pretend you’ve been given $100 on the condition you spend it all on yourself. What do you buy? That’s easy. Books.

11. What color is your front door? Brown.

12. What did you learn to type on: manual typewriter, electric typewriter, word processor, or computer? Electric typewriter (IBM Selectric).

13. Which do you prefer, white, black, colored, or patterned socks? I definitely prefer patterned and colored socks. For example, right now, I am wearing pink socks with Hello Kitty on them. :)

14. Name two vegetables you’d like to have with dinner every night for a week. Green beans and snow peas.

15. It’s a magic day. You may eat whatever you want for dinner, and your entire meal is guaranteed to be calorie free. What’s on the menu? Okay. I’d have a steak, a baked potato with extra butter, no sour cream, and green beans. For dessert, I’d either have chocolate or strawberry shortcake. :)

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