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Adam adamselzer: I’m still eating my soul
Adam: lots left over
Ronni: eating your SOUL?
Adam: soup
Adam: hehehehehehehehehhee
Ronni: oh wow
Ronni: that’s quotable
Adam: “Sell Your Soup to the Devil”
Ronni: the next NYT bestseller

This, my friends, is whose book you’ll get to read coming February 2007. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :D

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Aidan is having a bad evening. Sort of.

· He can’t find his light-up shoes, and is refusing to put on his sandals.
· He wants Hawaiian Punch.

Here is the exchange:

Aidan: Can I have Hawaiian Punch?
Ronni: No, it’s too late.
Ronni: Aidan, it’s 7 o’clock, too late for juice.
Aidan: NO IT’S NOT NIGHT TIME! (louder, more whiny)
Ronni: Aidan, I said NO and I’m not going to argue with you.
Aidan: WAH!!!

Trying to get him to go outside, but we’ll see.

I don’t have to buy a new light for the aquarium after all. The plug had gotten knocked out of the socket, thus rendering it useless. But now, it’s plugged in and my aquarium has light again! Wheee! I’d cleaned it earlier this week too, so it looks very nice.

They let us out of work early today. 2pm. I went to the bank, then home, where I crashed until 4:30. I wasn’t all that tired, actually, but honestly, why turn down a free nap?

I am deciding if I want to work on MOVES tonight, or continue to prepare for CRUSH revisions. I start on them tomorrow. I’m really in a MOVES state of mind and I fear that if I work on it tonight, I won’t be able to switch gears to CRUSH mode. So I’m actually taking a break from writing today. I’ve gotten so used to doing it every single day that this feels weird.

Catching up on emails. I only have two to answer! :) Then the weekend.

· Writing
· Visiting Andy
· Visiting Mommy
· Family stuff
· Eating lots of food that’s not so good for me

Speaking of, Aidan is trying to force me to eat a giant marshmallow. Help.

‘Til next time!

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My Aura (Revisited)

Your Aura is Violet

Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world.
And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don’t always use it!

The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say

Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony

Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach

So funny. I took this quiz to see if it would match up the the reading I had done several weeks ago. Pretty close, huh? :) Neat-o.

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Bibble Babble

I uninstalled IE 7.0 Beta and went back to having only IE 6 on my computer. AOL is acting just fine, now. Still stupid ads in my email, but at least the graphics are fixed now and the emails load properly. I’ll probably hang on to it for a bit.

And just to clarify from my last post–I only use Mozilla and Firefox for surfing. Two different browsers–one for all my regular links and also my lilrongal journal, the other for all my writing links and my bananagirl19 journal. I thought I’d try IE 7.0 just to see what it was about, but it’s just as crap as any other IE, so yeah. That’s all it was.

I also cleaned a lot of crap off of my computer, and it runs a lot more smoothly, and it also starts up a lot quicker. YAY for getting rid of junk! Woo!

Today was a day of imitations.

· The road was imitating coffins, for dead animals. Especially skunks. Ew.
· My bladder was doing a great imitation of a pea. (I had to pee every hour, it seemed)
· The family room is doing a good imitation of being clean, but really, I just took all of Aidan’s clothes and put them in the chair, and dumped all of his toys in the toy room.
· Fi is imitating a crazy person, as he is determined to get the fish out of the aquarium.
· The house is imitating Gracie’s litter box, as she’s been sick with a UTI, so she’s been dribbling whereever she felt the urge. That shall be cleaned up before July 19, and that is when life group will be hosted at my house. Eep.

Today is one of those days I feel like being a loner. Probably because I have a full weekend ahead of me. Four days off, but something to do each day, it seems. I’m most anxious for July 1st to get here, as that is when I will start revisions on CRUSH. I do believe I will be up at midnight, opening the Word document and getting to work. Should take me two weeks, tops, before I ship it off mandywriter (the BEST critique partner in the world), and then a few more revisions, then on to his majesty, The Agent. Can’t wait for that one to go on submissions. I’m really excited about CRUSH.

I bought a new planner at Barnes & Noble the other day. Yes, the 2007 ones are out already! It starts on July 1st! Seems like so much hinges on July 1st. See, I have this THING about planners. A lot of my friends use PALMS or TREOS or some other fancy gadget, and one would think, since I’m so into technology and stuff, that I’d be into it as well. But no, I love my 5×7 planner. I love writing everything down. All my notes. Birthdays. Important phone numbers. In a bit, I’ll probably go upstairs and bust out the stickers. I like to do my planner up right. Different colored ink for different things, pencil for plans with people. Red for cancellations. Green for payday. Blue for birthdays. It might be a bit psychotic if you ask me, but there is something about planners.

It started when I was in college. At the Ohio State bookstores, you could pick up a planner every year called Dates & Data. It was prefilled with all sorts of OSU trivia, pictures, holidays and such. I got one every year, and LOVED filling it up. I still have it. I enjoy going through it, looking at the things that were important to me. All the homework and exams that were taking place. My birth control pill schedule. Vacations. Stickers, of course. Every since then, I’d tried several different ways of calendaring. I still do. I’ve had fancy Franklin planners, a Palm Pilot (old school, m100 or something like that), online services (AOL, Yahoo, Google – I do use that a bit, but more to let people know what I’m up to), but you know what? I LOVE my 5×7 spiral-bound notebooks, and I buy one from Barnes & Noble every single year.

I also have an attachment to certain types of journals. Emily bought me a really cool one for my birthday in 2004. Spiral bound, perfect size, the paper had the perfect thickness. Most importantly, the sheets had NO PERFORATION. It’s important to me that the sheets have no perforation. I filled it up in a year, and late last year, asked Emily where she got it. Waldenbooks. So every year, I’ll be trekking to Waldenbooks to get the kind of journal that’s perfect for me.

Yeah, I guess I’m a nerd like that.

The boys are off playing disc golf. I’m supposed to be working on MOVES, but I’ve kicked ass in the progress on that book. I wasn’t even supposed to start it until July 1st, and I’m already over 11,000 words! I will do something tonight, though. I want to get to 12,000. Then, I shall have spaghetti. Mmm, nights alone. Must go to the store tomorrow (PAYDAY YAY!). I need a new bulb for the aquarium, some of that Feline Pine stuff (thanks to Gracie), and some Rice Krispie Treats Split Stix (chocolate please). I went to Meijer on Monday and they were OUT. And get this. No one else sells the darn things. Grar. I hate when I fall in love with a snack food only to have it disappear from the shelves months later. Like the following:

· Rice Krispie Treats – Double Chocolately Chunk. I can only get them in the variety pack, or if I’m lucky, a gas station or something will have huge ones for sale.
· Granola Dipps. Someone tell me WHY I can only find these at that god awful Wal-mart? :(
· Skippy Peanut Butter and Marshmallow bars. Oh man, those were so good. And I can’t find them anywhere.

You know, now that I think about it, I think grocery stores in general around here suck. I mean, I can only get the 75% less sugar Trix at that god awful Wal-mart. And since I’m DONE shopping in that store save a major emergency, I won’t be getting most of those. It’s not fair that only certain stores carry certain things. I want to find a store (NOT WAL-MART) that carries everything I like. One stop shopping for real, yo.

Maybe I’ll try Kroger again. Sigh. :(

I should go write. Then eat. I’ll probably be back later. :D

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I think it’s time, after nearly ten years, to get rid of AOL.

Here are the reasons I’m unhappy with them now:

1. They’ve started putting ads in the ACTUAL email message window.
2. The emails will not load unless the ads load first. The ads only work about 30-40% of the time. This includes the emails in the filing cabinet as well.
3. Graphics are always broken.
4. The software infiltrades machines like a slime mold. Getting into all the cracks and crevices, making it about impossible to uninstall.
5. I can get through about three emails before I have to reboot AOL again. And again. And again.
6. The browser never works anymore, either.

I’m about fed up with it. I PAY for the damn service, I sure as hell don’t want to see ads in my messages, and furthermore, I don’t appreciate my emails not loading because the damn ads aren’t loading. That’s BULLSHIT.

And I’m pretty sure AOL is the one selling my email address to the spammers, then trying to get me to buy their premium software. Just what I need, more stuff to clog up my already fragile computer.

Took me forever to get rid of the AOL Safety & Security Center. I mean, I already have McAfee. Don’t need two programs running.

So yes, I think it’s time to bid adieu to AOL. Maybe hold on to it for a bit, have an auto-responder giving out my new email address (I’m thinking my gmail account, although I’m kind of wary about storing everything on a server… WAIT, I can have gmail do POP. DUH.), and then I’ll cancel it. Because they are doing their customers WRONG.

Okay, I’m really not pissy, but I did have to rant about that.

Nighty-night! :)

ETA: Hmm. A lot of the problems seem to have been solved by getting rid of that pissy IE 7 and going back to 6. :D Apparently, AOL doesn’t like IE 7 and to be honest, neither do I. Okay, bedtime for real. Byeee!

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