Dear Aidan,
My son, I love you so much. But why do you insist on asking the same questions over and over? Rephrasing doesn’t help. You should know the answer after one time, two if it was especially tricky. I’ll even give you three. But five, six, seven times? Not cool, little one, and it drives your mommy crazy.

Dear Time,
Why do you go so slowly during work, and so quickly during times of great fun? I really don’t understand it. Life might be a lot better for many of us if you’d go more quickly during the work day, and then slow down times of great fun. You MUST see the logic in this.

Dear Corinne and DJ,
I am almost finished with your story! Only 1800 more words until I hit my goal for the first draft. Then I get to revise. I’m excited about sending you two in the world–I think you’ll do well.

Dear Chicago,
I’m on my way!! See ya soon!

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