Scandalous Princesses

Yo ho yo ho!! I’m back from Chicago!! Had an absolutely AMAZING time. That city is simply unbelievable, with mostly friendly people, things to do and see, things to EAT. Oh my gosh. Some of the aromas wafting through the air while walking down the block–so yummy. Freshly baking bread. Pizza everywhere. Mmmmmm.

Got to hang out with quality people while there. Spent some time with the awesome Adam (adamselzer) and Jen*Jen (jebbyk–but don’t bother to go to her journal because she never uses it), ate some really good food (Pie-Eyed Pizza, a neat candy/ice cream shop to name a couple of places)… DUDE, I TRIED THAI FOOD for the first time ever! It was so good. I went easy, got the Pad Thai. I mean, what could be so scary about noodles and beef, right? It was delicious.

Pad Thai

– Southwest Airline Flight Attendant: Thank you for flying Southwest. Now get out.
– Seeing Who Framed Roger Rabbit at The Music Box. The Music Box is a beautiful theatre. Here is Bizzy and me clowing around in the lobby before hand:

Bizzy and Me

– The cab ride after Roger Rabbit. Apparently Chicago cabbies are insane. They don’t speak much English, but they do have the cuss words down. One memorable thing the cab driver blurted: Learn how drive, mother fuck!
SEEING JEN!!! Spending time, catching up, drinking wine (goooood wine) and taking pictures while wearing tiaras.
– The Ghost Tour. Always a good time. We were wild and crazy! Adam was great as a tour guide. The last time I went on a tour, he was tag-teaming it, but this time, he was solo. Good times.

– Tried Stout. Liked it. The first beer I’ve ever actually liked. It’s a miracle, I say!
– FOOD! Pie-Eyed Pizza! Goood coffee and hot chocolate.
– Wearing a tiara during the ghost tour. While nicely buzzing. Then heckling the tour guide. ;)
– Old Town Arts Fair. Yummmy food. I had a boneless BBQ rib sammich. Yummm.
– Corned beef sandwhich from a shop in the airport. Sooo good.
– Finishing CRUSH! Came in at over 50,000 words. WHEW!! :D

– Bizzy losing her camera. :( BUT, this story has a happy ending! Jen, Bizzy, and I had to backtrack (a LOT of walking, mind you), search all the stores we’d been in. The last store we had left to check… wait for it… HAD THE CAMERA! Some nice person had just turned it in! Let me tell you how awesome Chicago tends to be in that regard. People there are generally nicer and friendlier than in Ohio.
– Getting yelled at by some PRICK in some stupid thrift shop for taking photos. Okay, firstly, I had no idea that I wasn’t allowed to take photos (and seriously, wtf kind of rule is that anyway?), secondly, HE WAS A PRICK. He didn’t ask me nicely, he screamed it at me. So I was done in the store. I really wish I’d had some merchandise to throw down to the ground. Asshole. Anyway, I got a picture of the stuff anyway. I’m sorry, it was a terrible error and I had to document it. And this picture was taken before the asshole yelled at me:

See the error?

– The BROWN LINE being delayed! Sooo delayed!!! Ack!
– No orbage action on the ghost tour so much this time around. :(
– Flights back to Columbus being delayed like WHOA.
– Time went WAY too quickly. The weekend sped by.

– Bizzy and I using the bathroom together not once, but TWICE.
– Being hit on outside The Clark Bar.
– Bizzy scandalizing random statues and sculptures:

Come here, loverboy...

– Bizzy scandalizing ME:
Happy Strawberry

Click here for more (not necessarily scandalous) pics.

Okay, I’m falling asleep here, so I’m gonna go. But yeah… Chicago was an amazing time. It went way too quicly.

‘Til next time!

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