Yesterday, I found out something REALLY COOL.

Aidan’s completely potty trained!

Let me just say.. YAY!! :D

I’d gone out Friday and bought Pull-Ups because I thought he’d still needed them at night. But I found out that he holds in it all night, and waits to go in the morning.

This is great news, ladies and gentlemen!

I haven’t had to change a dirty diaper in months. He’s pooped in the potty for a while now, but he’d been touch and go with peeing. Now he’s got that under control too!

I don’t have to escort Aidan to the bathroom (unless we’re out at a store or something) because he knows how to go himself, flush the toilet, and wash his hands.

The expense of diapers and Pull-Ups? GONE! Now I can buy him loads of cute underwear with fun characters on them! Wheeeee!

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