Day: July 3, 2006

Goal Check In!

My goals for June 2006 were to have 50,000 words done in CRUSH by June 30. I exceeded that on June 9th.

I was to also read one new book. I read at least two new books in June, possibly three. I lost my list, so I can’t remember! WAH!


·  Finish revising CRUSH by July 31, 2006;
·  15,000 words in MOVES by July 31, 2006;
·  Read two new books.


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Recovered and redid what I could of the sidebar. I’m still sad about that “read in 2006” list, though. Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk, right?

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I lost my sidebar, and all the info that was in it! :(:(:(

My list of books I’d read. Gone.
My quotes. Gone.

What the fuck happened?

It had to have happened when I was moving my computer–the mouse was clicking like crazy.

Sigh. How sad. :(

Actually how ANNOYING.

Well, I know I read 61 books this year. I guess that’s all that matters. But still, I LIKED having that record. And the bad thing is that I’d been meaning to transfer that information over to a Word Doc for the longest time. I guess it’s too late now. :(

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