So, I just got my CRUSH critique back from Mandy (mandywriter). The things she picked up on were the things I knew I had to fix. Some other things too–just things you KNOW as a writer, but the reader doesn’t know. The things that you know you have to clarify. Those things. Yeah.

And she gave me some suggestions which will help a LOT. CRUSH is going to be even better than it already is. :)

I’ve been working on revisions all evening–my eyes are literally about to cross. AND I STILL WANT TO KEEP GOING.

The problem is that I’m so anxious for this to be done and shipped off to my agent, that I want to push myself to limits unknown. And I know that’s not healthy. So I will be patient. After all, I do have a more than a month before my target date.

Still. I’m antsy! But okay. Putting the computer away for a bit…….

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