Day: July 6, 2006

Things My Body Doesn’t Like So Much

1. Milk
2. Pain (from injury or medical procedures or labor, anyway)
3. The smell or taste of onions
4. Sleeping at Night

SERIOUSLY! It’s 10:18 pm. Did I NOT fight sleep all day today? Do I not wake up every morning, thinking “I WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP!” Something about the daytime just makes me want to close my eyes and drift off.

And now, it’s night. It’s sleepytime! And I am awake. WIDE AWAKE! My mind is alive. My heart is jumping. My body is in full awareness mode.

One day, this schedule I’m on will come in handy. When I’m a best-selling author, and I can set my own hours, and write all night and sleep all night, it will be good. But for now, it kind of stinks.

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Protected: [Venting]

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Big Brother All-Stars

I see I’m going to have to do some schedule re-arranging, because BIG BROTHER is back! It’s been so long since I’ve been into it, but wow! Alison, Marcellas, and Will? Danielle?? Mike Boogie? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man. Oh baby. It’s been so long.

Drama starting already. I am SO in!!!!!

Ohh, boys, no shirts. Oooooh. Oh oh oh.

**settles back**

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