Day: July 9, 2006

A Glimpse Into My Life (Pictures)

thatgirlygirl listed what was in her bag. I’m going one step further and posting a picture!!!! :D Take that, girlygirl! :) (Just kidding, you know I love you!)

Oh my, there’s a really bad joke up there. I wonder if anyone’ll get it? LOL.

What's In My Bag? - July 9, 2006

notebook with CRUSH notes · journal · cell phone · extra camera battery · keys · lots of pens! · camera · work ID · paperback book (going to start Planet Janet, thanks to adamselzer who told me about it) · bookmark (to go into said book once I start reading it) · brush and comb · eye drops · wallet/purse thingy · lip balm · face powder · medicine · planner · hair ties

And here is my computer space. I’d posted a pic of this in November, but it’s updated a little bit. See? :)


I think the desk would be more streamlined-looking if I had a black, flat panel monitor. However, that’s a $200 I don’t NEED to spend, especially just for aesthetic reasons. But man, wouldn’t it look sweet sitting here? :D

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