It's Me!

I spent most of my day floating in a pool, sunning myself, and letting the cool 82 degree Fahrenheit water wash over my legs and arms. It was bliss.

My being on the floating thing is a huge deal because I don’t know how to swim, and eleven years ago I nearly drowned in a pool, and for a long time the smell of chlorine made me freak out when I got near a pool. Today was my first time actually trusting the floaty thingy to keep me safe, and it was good.


It’s also a good thing that Aidan is braver than I would have been at his age (maybe):

Mr. Aidan Man

Craig’s parents were out of town, and so we headed up and took advantage of their pool and grill. Not the hot tub this time–it was WAY too hot for that. Although, Aidan did ask if we could all get in. There was no way, though!!!

The perfect way to spend a 95 degree day:
– Wake up late (but not too late)
– Play on the computer (and chat with certain favorite persons)
– Float in a pool all day
– Eat hamburgers from the grill, and baked beans
– Read while letting the Sun dry me off (before getting back into the pool to cool off again)
– Finish the day with a chocolate ice cream soda. Mmmmm.

A couple of funnies:

Check out my son, the pothead.

One of the dogs got into the leftover meat and helped herself to four hotdogs and a steak. Pretty funny stuff. Probably wouldn’t have been as funny if I were still hungry. Ha.

Anyway, I’m tired. Got a lot to do this week. Much of which I will probably forget. ‘Til next time….

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