It got the point where walking inside the house was making me feel less Zen than the idea of coming home. So mondo cleaning began this evening.

Here’s my goal list for this week, and the crossed out ones are the ones I finished today:

Family Room
Aidan’s Room
Master Bedroom (put away my laundry and do more laundry)
Master Bathroom
Fish Tank

Further Observations

Aidan’s Room So here is the thing. I thought kids weren’t supposed to be terribly messy until they were teens. Not the case with Aidan. Clothes and toys all over the floor. Bed not made. A smell of hot ass and pee in his room. Crunched up Goldfish crackers in his bed. The ass smell was an old sippy cup. Might have to toss that directly into the trash. The pee was laundry that needs to be done. Vacuumed up the crackers, spritzed the room with Fabreeze, and it’s as good as new now. He just ran into his room and giggled and said MY ROOM IS ALL CLEAN!

Loft The biggest problem in the loft was Aidan’s Legos all over the floor. I could barely get to my bookshelves without stepping on a block. Those things HURT. I asked him to pick up the Legos and he said NO. I told him if I had to pick them up, they were going away for a while. So, the Legos are now on a high shelf in the game closet. If he figures out they are in there, he’ll simply climb the shelves and get them down, but for now, my feet can relax. There were also random boxes everywhere and messy shelves. I cleaned up a couple of the bookcases, but i still have two more to work on.

Master Bathroom Counters were in definite need of cleaning, as was the toilet. Trash emptied. Old bottles thrown out. Yippee. That was easy.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the rest of the list. It’ll be off to the showers with me soon. ‘Til next time….

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