Day: July 28, 2006

WEEKEND!!! (Pictures)

I have the rest of tonight and ALL DAY TOMORROW to myself!! Whatever shall I do???

Right now I’m burning Nag Champa and listening to The Beatles, and I’m pretty content.

This was the week for catching up with old friends. Hanging with Rob was like picking up right where we left off in February. He’s as funny and wacky and ever. Tonight I got to have dinner with a someone I worked with at Nationwide, and we saw a movie–John Tucker Must Die. The movie was pretty funny, but I am really excited for The Covenant, which is coming out in September. Hot guys, paranormal stuff, danger, SWEET special effects. Yes, yes, yes.

Mmm, Nag Champa makes me all fuzzy. I think I want a glass of wine.


Okay, got a glass of wine. :)

My desktop computer is fully pimped out now. I just hooked my iPod up to it, and I got a new USB hub (thank GOD for Best Buy Reward Zone certificates!), so I don’t have to worry about things disconnecting at random. I have an 80 gig hard drive built in, and a 160 gig external hard drive. Speakers, zip drive, printer, all that good stuff is hooked up. Including… my webcam!


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This Year

You know, 2006 is more than half over, and I’ve done loads of things I’ve never done before. Things I’ve never thought I’d ever do. I mean, things that weren’t even CLOSE on my radar screen. Some of them I can post, some of them I WILL NOT post (mostly to protect the innocent.. and the guilty too, namely ME! Teehee!)!!!
For example, so far this year, I’ve:

– Signed with a literary agent;
– Finished writing novel #3;
– Attended a writer’s conference;
– Bought and maintained an aquarium (trying to, at least);
– Been on a ghost tour;
– Bought a DSLR camera;
– Read almost 70 books;

I’d LIKE to do the following things before 2006 is out:

– Get a tattoo. I finally have an idea of what I want (I’m thinking a small red heart, with a drop of blood coming off of it. On my right arm, just below my shoulder. Or maybe a beautiful butterfly. What do you think?) <-- we'll see if I ever get the guts and the $$ to actually follow through with this, I'm thinking NO on both counts; - Get a book deal; - Finish writing novel #4 CRAP! I need to go to bed! Good night!

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