Curly Sunday

Well, the plan for today was to isolate myself from the Internet World and spend time reading and doing a lot of thinking about some heavy stuff I’m going to have to deal with soon. Instead, I:

– Played on MySpace;
– Took pics of myself with my webcam and digital cam and uploaded them to Flickr;
– Changed my default icon here and on MySpace;
– Played with my Amazon wishlist.

In addition to all that, I did the following things today:
– Took a long shower in which I shaved AND washed my hair;
– Needlessly drove to Port Columbus Airport;
– Wished I was driving there to take a trip of my own;
– Read some of Wrath, but kept falling asleep (I’m having a hard time with it because Golden BLEW ME AWAY);
– Napped a lot (will need Tylenol PM to help get me to sleep tonight–I should go and take two of those now);
– Ate only chocolate chip cookie dough and ice cream (I haven’t had a real meal since Friday night);
– Talked to Aidan;
– Talked to my mom;
– Wished I was at Cedar Point;
– Listened to The Beatles a lot;
– Properly tagged all the rest of my MP3s in iTunes.

Anyway, wanna see some pics?

You know you want to!

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