Or as E.Mae would say: TFGIF. HA.

Cedar Point tomorrow. Oh yes. Rides. Coasters. Crappy food. I am SO IN. Meeting at Craig’s around 8am. About ten of us going. Will probably be starving when we all get there. I plan to take loads of pictures.

Loads and loads.

Went to one of my favorite places today–THE LIBRARY. Managed to only check out 11 items, five of which were books. And the library fairy might or might not have placed jenlyn_b‘s Golden in a very strategic spot so someone would see it and check it out…..

Our director retired today, so we had an ice cream social at work. Everyone had little individual containers of ice cream, and there were loads of toppings to add. Yummy.

Yay for Friday. Aidan comes back on Sunday. It’s going to be very weird getting back into mommy-mode after being pretty much free for 2.5 weeks. I’m sure I’ll do okay, but you know. I will miss not having to be very responsible.

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