Recently, Fi has been asking for affection from me, something he hasn’t really done since he was a kitten.

The past few mornings, when I’ve been getting ready, he would curl up on the floor beside me and look at me. If I am not looking at him, he’ll make a little noise to get my attention, then he’ll do that curly-wiggly thing that means he wants loving. So I’ll drop down beside him and rub his little face and cheeks and necks for a while, until he gets tired and nips my fingers or knuckles.

It’s been nice. Fi is shy, and afraid of rejection, I think. So he kind of waits for me. He asks shly and waits for me to deliver. Lucy is extremely bold and needy and has no problems climbing right on me to take whatever affection she requires at any given time. I just wish she’d settle down when she does it. Instead, she gets on my lap, purring loudly, and walking around and biting my hair before finally relaxing and cuddling. Gracie really only wants to be bothered when I’m fresh out of the shower. There, she likes to rub against my ankles. Maybe she’s drying me off, but more than likely, she’s reclaiming me.

They’re all so special in their own ways. ♥ my kitties.

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