I’m sitting here with a Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey Mouse on my lap.

I’m starving, and I want spaghetti, but it’s too late and I’m too lazy to make it.

I’m also randomly craving a Philly Cheesesteak. Or since I get it sans peppers, onions, and mushrooms, I guess just a steak and cheese. *shrug*

My mind is racing too much about things that I really have no control over, or things that are way in the past and probably shouldn’t affect me as much as they are now, but they are. I hope I get over this soon. Sigh.

Work again tomorrow. Blah. At least I have several new CDs to upload.

I think I might be ready to start writing again.

I need a second job.

Yesterday, while in line for the Millennium Force, one of the boys in front of me asked his friend if he’d go back to the beginning of the line for $100. It was nearly our turns after 90 minutes of waiting. I chimed in and said “OH YEAH!” In a heartbeat, I would! I think the guy instantly fell in love with me. Heehee.

Ciana (starrlyte) says “eleventy&TM,” and I think it’s the funniest thing ever. She won’t tell me what it means, though.

The song Runaway by The Corrs is stuck in my head.

I have a poop-load of pictures to scan tomorrow, for my neighbor.

At Cedar Point, I was responsible for remembering where Craig parked the car. The row was 38B. How we remembered? Thirty-eight bitches on a bitch boat.

I’m really hot. Temperature hot, I mean.

Will Kirby is my hero. I love him.

I really, really want a tattoo soon.

And now, for a random survey stolen from hiddensarah:

1. Are you wearing a necklace? Yup.

2. Does your computer have a mouse? Yes.

3. Who is the main person you talk to in each of your classes? NO SCHOOL FOR ME, wheee!

4. Do you have a cut in your nose? No, but it is slightly sunburnt.

5. Are you rich? Well, yes. I think I am. I mean, I’m horrible with money and I live paycheck to paycheck, but I have so much, so yes, I’m rich.

6. How many bedrooms do you have in your house? 3

7. What song are you listening to? none.

8. What’s the last mall you went to? Um… Polaris Fashion Place with Rob a little over a week ago.

9. Are you alone? Yes.

10. Do you have any older siblings? No.

11. What is the last thing you ate? Cookie dough.

12. Who was the last person to come over your house? Bob, Friday night.

13. Who was the last person who called you? Abbie.

14. Who was the last person you texted? Not sure.

15. What time is it? 10:32pm (EDT)

16. What should you be doing? sleeping.

17. Who is the last person you IMed? Star.

18. Did you go out to eat yesterday? I ate out all day.

19. What are you thinking right now? “I wanna runaway… with you….”

20. What color is your shirt? Pink.

21. What color is your keyboard? Black.

22. What do you feel like eating? Spaghetti.

23. Are you in college? No.

24. What is the last word you wrote? Hmm. Good one, I cannot remember. It’s been a couple of days!

25. Are you bored? Meh.

26. How many teeth do you have? All but my four wisdom teeth.

27. Miss anyone right now? Yes.

28. Do you wear glasses? Yes.

29. What color are your shoes? Barefoot now.

30. Are your toes painted? Yes.

31. Last thing you drank? Water.

32. Last word you typed? Water.

33. Wanna have sex? ….

34. Who do you love? Aidan.

35. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? …..

36. What time is it now? 10:34pm (EDT)

37. What are you looking at? The monitor. oO

38. What’s the last word you said? I don’t remember.

39. Do you have lipgloss on? No.

40. Do you have eyeliner on? No.

What a weird survey. Anyway, ’til next time.

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