I know I’m a day late, but WHAT IN THE FRESH FUCK HAPPENED????

The worst possible person EVER to get Head of Household is BACK in that room? NO FAIR.

*stomps stomps stomps*

It’s really not fair.

Shit. Erika and Dani are up. I like them both. Erika is part of CHILLTOWN, and y’all know how I love me some Chilltown. Dani is just funny to watch, and she looked so pretty in her dress the one day.

Will and Boogie are still safe–this is a good thing. I love Will’s shirt, the one that says “I’m probably lying.”

But GAH. WHY Janelle? HoH, again?????

I am interested in the new power, and if they have a veto competition, I wonder who’ll get it, and if that person will take anyone off the block. I guess we’ll see.

Ahh. Big Brother All Stars.


Okay, I’ve been surfing a comm, and it looks likes Dani got PoV, and Marcellas is up now. If the votes go as I hope, he’ll be going home (I do like the guy, but hey, people get evicted), and both of my girls get to stay in the game. Now maybe someone will get Janelle OUT next week.

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