Day: September 1, 2006

Friday Friday Friday!

Today was my last day at McGraw-Hill!

I hadn’t told many people, so when the Bichons got wind of the news, they seemed sad to see me go. Shannon hugged me, but then said “Boo.” I didn’t realize I’d be missed.

Cleaning out my desk was bittersweet. I was glad to know the reprints were done, but sad because I did like it there, had gotten comfortable, and adored my co-workers.

At about 11am, the receptionist came online and said “And now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. Due to the holiday, the offices will be closing at 2pm.”

I came home and fell asleep almost immediately. I’m still pretty tired–still would be sleeping if I hadn’t been awakened around 4 by a phone call. Now, I’m waiting for Rob to come over so we can have spaghetti and hang out. :)

I’ll do a survey in the meantime. YAY.


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So many things in my life are changing now.

For a while, I’d felt stuck, stagnant. Poised, waiting for something, anything to happen.

And now things are happening. So many things.

I feel relieved, scared, excited, anxious, amazed…but most importantly, I feel READY.

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My mom promised to make me salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and corn when I go up to see her on Saturday!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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