Since my new job does not have a full-service cafeteria, nor any restaurants very close by, necessity dictates that I bring my breakfast/lunch if I don’t want to be faint with hunger. There is a microwave in the breakroom which is highly convenient. Today, I went to Meijer to stock up on yummies.

I noticed that the Michaelina Zap-Ems for 5 for $5. But the Budget Gourmet (same company) were 79 cents each. I picked up the Budget Mac & Cheese and the Zap-Em Mac & Cheese to compare. I mean, maybe the Zap-Ems cooked faster in the microwave. Or maybe they had less sodium or something. Oh no. Exact same product. Same size. EXACT. Exact same cooking times too. Just different packaging! A 21 cent difference for nothing but a different package! HELLO! Did they think someone wouldn’t notice? What the banana are they trying to pull?

I got the Budget Gourmet.

And now my car is filled with stuff to take to work and stock in my desk, since my appetite seems to be out of control lately. Meh. I’m sure it’ll pass.

I’ve also noticed that my patience with slow-driving idiots on the road goes down exponentially when I am hungry. Even more when I am hungry and there is a bag of McDonalds in the seat next to me just WAITING to be torn into. SLOW DRIVERS CAN PISS OFF.

Okay, that’s better. I feel good now that I’m stuffing my face with aforementioned McDonalds (while a black cat nudges my elbow hoping for me to share).

‘Til next time!

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