All right. From my To-Do list of, I’ll cross off what I’ve done so far:

– Schedule appointment with Dr. Passias (ASAP)
– Burn some pictures to a CD to take to work
– Finish putting a bunch of Dylan albums onto my computer
– Grocery shopping (Thursday)
– Balance checkbook (Friday or Saturday)
– Fax a BUTTLOAD of paperwork (this week!)
– Make 9,000 phone calls and close all my credit card accounts (yee-haw!)
– Write-up about Cleveland Public Schools for Jen (due Friday)
– Find and return a library book (eek!)
– Read
– Memory Stick Dump
– Aidan’s SSN to HR
– Snail mail letter to someone special ♥
– Answer loads of emails
– Poke The Agent
– Buy birthday cards and actually mail the things

Wow, still lots to do. Luckily, I have just under 15 days left in September to do it all. Whew.

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