I don’t really want to post, but I feel compelled to.

Firstly, I want to tell everyone to friend Andy (crimsonghost_oh), one of my best friends for… well, the number of years is in the double digits (*feels old*). He just got a LJ, so go say Hi.

Secondly, work is draining me. Not because it’s hard. Oh no. So far it’s been too EASY. I’ve been doing Handwriting and LACE. The LACE stuff I love, because it has some meat to it and introduces me to some great children’s books. The one I read yesterday, Grandma’s Records, actually had me in tears. I’ve never cried over a picture book before. But the story is beautiful and the illustrations (also done by the author) are out of this world.

But the Handwriting. There MIGHT be five or six lines of text to a page. And I get finals, so most of the big, glaring errors are gone. It really only takes me a couple of hours to do Handwriting proofs, but the work is so scarce and the due dates are sooo far ahead, that I try to stretch things out as long as I can. Unfortunately, that makes me REALLY nit-picky and drained by the time, oh say, 11am rolls around. I like copyediting, but I wish there was more. I wonder if I’ll want to take that back in a few weeks.

Anyway, enough about that.

I booked my ticket for Philadelphia in November. I can’t believe I’m actually travelling for a concert. My mom would never let me do that as a teen. But I really would like to see Dylan do his new songs and he doesn’t appear to be coming to Columbus anytime soon. It’ll be fun, and yet another city to add to my Many Travels of Ronni log. Not that I had one, but maybe I should start one.

Right now, I’m reading Burned by Ellen Hopkins. It’s blowing my mind. Only this year have I started reading free verse novels. The emotion in them is so intense. I would LOVE to be able to write a free verse novel. I tried, but I can’t do it on a computer. I think I’ll need a journal to do it.

Oh darn. Like buying a journal is such a tragedy for me. ;)

That’s all for now, I guess. ‘Til next time.

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