A HUGE storm blew in last night. I was home alone. I was downstairs making a bologna sandwich when it hit full force. It was SO LOUD. I glanced out the window. Visibility was 0. Things were pounding against the windows. I got scared and ran down to the basement. Gracie was right beside me. I crouched down, wondering if I’d REALLY be protected down there if a tornado hit.

I went back upstairs, grabbed a couple of blankets, and went downstairs again. I crouched until all the banging and clanging stopped, then I went back upstairs. The electricity was still on. And it was eerily calm. That scared me.

I was relieved to open the door and see the sky was not green, and it was still raining pretty hard. There was hail everywhere. The yard looked as though it had been snowed in. I grabbed my camera and took pictures because I was just amazed:

The neighbor across the street was grabbing the stuff that had blown over to other’s yards. As I was taking pictures, the tornado sirens came on. That’s when I went back downstairs. Then I calmed down and finished making my dinner, went upstairs, ate, finished reading Burned, played on the computer for a while, took a Tylenol PM, and was out by 9:30 or so. 6:30am STILL came too early, though.

Work was work. I swear, that lunch hour goes by more quickly every day….

The front of the house needs work. The siding is torn in a LOT of places, there are cracked window frames (and possible windows?). It’s kind of scary, you know. This is the second pretty violent storm I’ve been in this year. I ALMOST had a panic attack last night–not even sure how I talked myself out of it. But if the storm had happened three years ago, I’d have been a wreck.

Today’s mail brought some good surprises. The Little Mermaid + goodies, and a beautiful letter from wlotus. I got a letter from verytruly on Monday, so now I have two letters to answer, yay! :)

Okay, I am tickled because I just found out that iTunes carries 2Hype by Kid-N-Play. Man. Talk about 1989! *feels old*

The weather was a nice, cool 61ºF today. I can deal with these temps. It’s when they start dipping in the 30s and 40s that I have problems.

Here are a few pictures:

Autumn Sun & Clouds
The fall sky.

Little Aidan. Only he’s not so little anymore….

Budding Rose
Rose bud from the yard.

Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday. I don’t have any plans, so maybe I’ll make Aidan watch The Little Mermaid with me, if we don’t do it tonight.

And my latest (amusing) conversation with Aidan:

Aidan: Look at my peepee!
Ronni: (Glances at Aidan. Notices his “peepee” sitting neatly on top of his underwear, which he has pulled down slightly) Aidan, put your peepee away! i don’t want to see your peepee!
Aidan: Look at it!
Ronni: NO!
Aidan: Pwease?
Ronni: No, put it away!
Aidan: I got to go potty.

That child…..

I need to answer emails. And work on a website. And eat at some point, too.


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