Pre-sleepytime conversations.

Aidan: There is lots of food at Grandmommy’s!
Ronni: What do you eat there?
Aidan: I can’t say ALL the food. It’ll make me CWAZY!!!!

Ronni: Close your eyes…. and dream about marshmallows.

(Everytime I said it, he would start cracking up before I could get “close your eyes” out. Then he was trying to keep himself from laughing, which made ME laugh, which made him laugh even more.)

This morning.

Ronni: How many toes do you have?
Aidan: (points to top of foot) Two.
Ronni: No, these are your toes. You have ten toes. These (points to top of foot) are your feet.
Aidan: Oh. And my toes are part of my feet!
Ronni: That’s right!

Last weekend.

Ronni: Do you want me to get you a brown cookie?
Aidan: Yes.
Ronni: Okay.
Aidan: Actually, I want a purple cookie.
Ronni: oO Okay.

He’s so smart! :D:D:D I am amazed at how articulate he is, and how quickly he figures things out. He’s a good problem solver. He can spell his name, he has a great memory, and wow. He’s just incredible.

Now if only I could get him to not be so messy……

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