I’m tired. The 1/2 Tylenol PM is starting to kick in. But my stomach is also awake and demanding food. How does one go about satisfying both needs?

Had a pretty relaxing weekend. Got to hang out with Libby and her friend last night. Good times. Made MY first ever Crock-pot meal. Okay, so I cheated and used one of those Banquet meals–the herb chicken and rice. Well. When I opened the bag and saw all the onions, I PANICKED. I am not an onion fan, as you all should know. But I dumped them all in, figuring, well, after cooking for 10 hours, those things should be non-existent.

I was right! After the rice cooked, I couldn’t even see the onions, let alone taste them. It was soooo yummy, too. I have a bit left for lunch tomorrow, I’m excited about that. Although I can’t seem to find my lunchbox at the moment…

Yesterday was spent playing with Aidan, napping, reading, smelling the Crock-pot make WONDERFUL food, and then having my friends over. It was a good Saturday. I also managed to write a letter, so wlotus, watch your mailbox. :)

Anyone else interested in exchanging real letters? Amy (verytruly) is also really into slams. I like to fill them out, but making them is another story. I’m so freakin’ lazy these days, and not very creative anymore. I spend my free time reading and journaling and sleeping. Like today. I took a three hour nap.

So much going on in my life right now. Can’t write about it yet. Well, I can, but I choose not to at the moment. Just keep sending good thoughts to me, okay? The main thing is that I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. It’s already fewer than twenty days until Thanksgiving, and then after that, Christmas will be on its way. I haven’t even begun to seriously plan about shopping–I only know a few things I’m getting. Other than that, no clue.

I keep hearing from people at McGraw-Hill who tell me they miss me. That makes me feel good because I miss them, too. But except for some drama issues from last month, ZB is working out well for me. The reading novels when I am not busy is really a good benefit! I have a stack on my desk for tomorrow if I don’t get any work in, which I SHOULD, because Handwriting is really picking up, YAY. I’ve also been moved to doing some 2Rs on the LACE guides, and that’s a LOT of fun. Lots more things to mark up! :) Finals are easy, 2Rs are a challenge, which I like. YAY for proofreading.

Mmm, I think the sleeping pill is winning over the hunger. But I might have a snack anyway. Or a “smack,” as Asher from The Giver says. :)


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