I’m feeling okay today. :)

Had a pretty good week. I was exhausted for a lot of it, and spent Thursday evening sleeping my head off. Took a really long nap today that was not intended, but Aidan was tired and so was I, apparently. I love napping with him. He puts his hand on my cheek. He always falls asleep before me, and he’s soooo adorable when he’s sleeping. Just… perfect. And his little nose is the cutest nose I’ve never seen.

I ♥ my little boy!

Voted on Tuesday. It’s funny when people call it their “civic duty.” I’ve been reading a lot about civil rights and such, and I came across a picture of one of the marches from Selma to Montgomery, to get equal voting rights for black people. The number of people crossing that bridge–the fact that they WALKED for five days, singing and praying, hand in hand, overwhelmes me. It’s not a duty for me. It’s a privilege and hell no, I will no longer take for granted that privilege to vote. I certainly got my ass to the polls on Tuesday. And I was happy to say that minimum wage in Ohio has been raised to $6.85 an hour effective January 1, 2007. Smoking ban is statewide. Strickland is governor. Happy stuff.

I checked my spam email box, and I have received nearly twenty emails from different “deborah”s. Many of the subjects say “hi webmaster” but there are some that pretend to be a long lost friend or whatever. Yes, email blasting is really going to make me buy whatever product you’re offering, or whatever “stock options” you’re talking about. Uh huh. *massive delete*

Next week this time, I’ll have just finished watching a Bob Dylan concert. YAY. I wonder if he’ll sing something from Modern Times. I’m looking forward to traveling again. It’s been over two months since I’ve been out of the state.

But now it’s Saturday night, and I have all day tomorrow to do whatever I want. I’ll probably clean and nap. Oh, and I’m making roast in the Crock-Pot! Mmm-hmmm. With carrots and potatoes. Mmmm. That is going to be soooo freakin’ good, I can’t wait! And I’ll have beef for my lunches next week! YES!

Yesterday, I was reading a book at work. In the book, a soldier fighting in Vietnam was killed. They talked a bit about the funeral, and the main character said he’d heard the taps in the distance. Reading that whipped me back in time, to February, when I heard taps at another funeral. I remember jumping three times, as seven guns went off during the 21-gun salute. I remember the tears rolling down my face, and the shocks going through my body as the taps sounded. I started crying at work again. The anniversary of Grandpa Davis’s death is February 7th. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone. The house is sold. Grandma Davis has moved. It’s just… so strange. I just hope she’s okay.

Anyway, I won’t get all maudlin on you. Heh. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is in fewer than two weeks! My mom already knows what I want to eat. I am so excited. Mmm. I haven’t had that meal since Christmas, and I am so ready for it. :) Then Christmas! Yikes. Again, I haven’t done one lick of shopping yet. However, I did get some wrapping paper and cards.

The trees look like this now:

Tree & Water

That’s behind the building I work. It’s very pretty out there. I was feeling very restless the last hour at work, so I snuck out back and snapped a few photos.

I was also being a dork (what else is new!) one night and I took this picture of myself, to see what I probably look like sleeping:


That’s all for now. I should probably think of actually doing what my picture suggests! Ha. Gotta get up early to load the Crock-pot!

‘Til next time!

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