“Deborah” is still sending me several emails. This time with the names of random people in the subject. The last one I got was “Royce.” I don’t know who Deborah is, but she needs to get a life. All 48579485 variations of her.

Lucy just stuck her butt in my face.

She loves me.

Work was interesting. Got to copyedit some fiction. Boy am I having a blast with that one. >:) Seriously, I am all about improving writing, and that’s what I’m doing. Nothing malicious at all about it. I PROMISE.

I got some compliments today on the things I’m catching in Handwriting. Whee.

Wanna see a picture of me with pigtails? Here ya go:


That’s how I wore my hair today and most likely will tomorrow as well. Cute, huh? Very easy, too.
But wow, my eyebrows are crazy, aren’t they? And I truly don’t care much. I’ve never “gotten them done.” As in waxed or plucked or anything like that. And that was probably TMI.

I am all over the place tonight. I played a game of Rachet and Clank tonight. Okay, I know I’m like 34987 years behind on this, just like I am with most video games. However, I had SO MUCH FUN playing it! And screaming “I’M GOING TO DIE!” really made Aidan laugh his head off. See, when I play games, I kind of really get into them. That means I am all over the place, and I yell and jump. It’s great fun, let me tell you. It’s been so long since I’ve played video games on the console like that. I get caught up in my PC-based word games that I forget how much fun console games are. I’ve got to get back into DDR.

I love it when I am lying on my stomach, and Lucy comes along and lays on my legs. Or if I’m lying on my side, she lies against my back, purring away. That makes me feel so content. :)

That’s all for now. I’m hungry and I’ve still got to prepare for tomorrow. I also want to finish writing a letter to verytruly. :) I might not get to it tonight, though. Eep.

Good night, all!

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