Life’s been pleasantly busy. Spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Saw a WONDERFUL Bob Dylan show. Got to hang out with Adam, which is always good. Ate at a diner, saw the Liberty Bell. From the car, anyway. It was fun.

Work is going well. I enjoy copy editing. It’s hard to do when I am tired, though. I have a hard time falling asleep. My mind is always racing. Things to do, stuff like that.

Hard to believe that it’s the Holidays. Just seems like I was at the Grand Canyon, and that was over six months ago.

Christmas this year will be quite different. I’ll swing it, though. I’m excited to shop for people, even though I have to be quite frugal. I’m finally starting to get excited about the holidays. Before, it wasn’t unexcitement–it was simply unawareness. Like, I knew time was passing, but I didn’t realize how much time was passing, and how quickly. I mean, Thanksgiving is in a few days. That’s insane. But I’m ready for my mom’s dressing, greens, mac & cheese and gravy over the whole thing. Mmmm. It’s been months since I’ve had that. Such a yummy, yummy meal. I will eat loads of it, and bring loads of it home.

And eat more of it. Oh yes.

I’m just being random here, really. Thinking a lot about things. About how crazy this year has been. My life is so drastically different than it was last year, and I’m pretty content with it. Surprised, but content. If a gypsy had appeared a year ago and told me this is where I’d be, I’m not sure how I would have reacted.

But none appeared, so that whole paragraph is moot. Ha.

Okay, enough. Later.

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