Day: December 5, 2006

Slighty Drugged, But That’s Okay

Took a Tylenol PM to get me relaxed so I’d fall asleep tonight, and not lie awake worrying and stuff like that.

Just over 19 days until Christmas. Man, I can’t believe I’m counting down. What a dork I am.

Watched some of Newsies today. I used to have such a crush on Aaron Lohr (who played Mush). He’s grown up to be pretty hot still, but the thing is–he looks like how Aidan might look in 12 years, and that’s just creepy. Needless to say, my crush on Aaron Lohr is now gone, but it is SO MUCH FUN to sing and dance to the musical numbers in that movie. I love King of New York and Seize the Day.

Work is getting busy, finally. Handwriting stuff piles up quickly, plus I’m helping J with her leveled readers. I get to do one on Hull House soon! Hull House is the scariest point on the ghost tour in Chicago, so I am very interested in doing the leveled reader on that. In addition, I will be writing the style guide for the English-Language Learner teacher pages for Handwriting. Me, writing a style guide!! I am nervous–I’ve never written one before, and this will be for REAL BOOKS that teachers will use, so yes, I’m a little bit nervous, but excited to take on the challenge. Eeee!

Read about Leukemia in the leveled reader I worked on today. There was a picture of the sweetest little red-head boy. He looked so … resigned. He had curly hair, soft, big curls, and this beautiful little face. He reminded me so much of Aidan, and I just started praying and thanking God that Aidan was healthy and didn’t have to suffer like that adorable little boy. I pray that Aidan will ALWAYS be healthy. My heart broke for that sweet child.

Anyway…OH MY GOD??!? Adam Brody is back on the market?? HOT DAMN!!!! But wow, three years. And they still have to work together! Awkward, much??! Well, maybe not. If they’re still friends, it could be fine.

I’m hungry. I had a VERY small dinner and I should probably eat something else, but it’s so late already. Plus, I don’t even know what I want, besides things that’ll take HOURS to cook. I’m just not feeling that patient.

I must clean tomorrow. Dishes, Lucy’s litter box, take out the trash. Yippee.

Drivers in Columbus. Especially as you near the suburbs. DRIVE, DAMMIT! That’s what I yell at them in my car! Everyone is so overly cautious here, and it doesn’t even make a difference because they still get into 328947389 accidents! I can’t believe I live in a city where so many people insist on driving at least 5 MPH below the speed limit. Usually, it’s 10 or so. Yesterday evening, I ended up behind a yahoo who was going 35 in a 50, nothing in front of him/her, and the person STILL kept braking every few hundred or so feet. What the hell?? I finally got around that person. There was NO REASON for this person to be driving that slowly, except to aggravate ME. That HAS to be it.

And… I keep getting stuck behind the slow pokes when I am on the freeway, and when I am in positions where I can’t change lanes. For example, the lane to pass is chock full of cars, or even more common, I need to be in the lane I’m in because my exit is coming up and there is a good chance that I’d miss it while trying to pass the slow pokes.

Oh well. C’est la vie, I suppose. Ooh, Bon Vie sounds yummy right now…. okay, just about anything involving chicken and/or rice and/or green beans sounds good right about now. But nah, too late.

You know what? I have some amazing friends. Just thought I’d mention that. That way, I can remember it too.

Bedtime for me. Ciao! :)

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