– flat tire
– being an hour late to work because of flat tire
– $$ issues :(

+ talking to tamera
+ phone call from adam
+ coming home and turning on the christmas tree lights
+ cuddling with lucy (who is currently staring at her reflection in the TV)
+ reading laura ingalls wilder’s books
+ the fact that this list is longer than the “-” list. :)

I haven’t done one Christmas/holiday card yet. Oops. They’re sitting here, and waiting. Not sure why I’m holding on–probably because it’s something fun, so I want to prolong the anticipation. And also, I’m not entirely sure I have all my addresses. Eek.

Spam Report: Now I’m getting lots of eBay tips for Dummies emails. I haven’t open a one–they go straight to my spam folder. But I like to check the folder to make sure that nothing important goes there by mistake. It’s happened. Now there are 54 pieces of spam mail. This, over the course of two days, as I emptied it out on Monday. I want to see how high the number will go!

Tomorrow, I have to go to the tire place and pray they can patch my old one. I knew something was odd because my steering wheel wouldn’t sit straight for the past few days. When I left this morning, driving felt WEIRD, so I pulled into the BP. And there it was. A nice, flat tire. :( It was COLD out, too. I called Roadside Assistance, and waited inside the BP for them to come. Even if I knew how to change a tire, I probably wouldn’t have in 20-degree weather. Who knows? But tomorrow, I’ll head out to Discount Tire and get Little Ronica all fixed up. She also needs an oil change. I need to clean her out, too. Give her a good vacuuming. Aidan found the trash bag and dumped everything out. Nice. There are crumbs and stupid things all over the backseat and front seat too. Plus the glove compartment is full of who knows what.

Oh well. One of these days. Heh.

Now, I’m sleepy. On my own accord. This is good. Night!

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