Day: December 7, 2006

Sigh of Relief!!

Seriously. It’s so strange how things work out. But I’ll be okay, financially. And I was able to get gifts for people.

I am very fortunate.


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Today was cool!

Firstly, it was payday. YAY!

Then, The Siebert Elementary 4th grade chorus came and sang at my work today. THEY WERE SO ADORABLE! And they sang original songs, and looked like they were having a blast. I got a little choked up, imagining Aidan standing in front of a crowd singing holiday songs. It’s coming up sooner than I think.

After work, I went to Discount Tire to see about getting a real tire back on my car. I went inside, and stood in line for about thirty seconds before I came across a sign that said “free repair or replacement.” And I thought “Wait a minute. I was here two years ago, and I remember that. I’m going out to my car to see if I still have the paperwork.” I DID! And I had a certificate for a free replacement. So I got a new tire for FREE! WHEE!!!!

And guess what I found at Target for Aidan! A TMX Tickle Me Elmo. I grabbed it and my mom is going to pay me back for it, because she wants it to be a gift from her. There were about five there, and I put one in my cart, and a lady came along and took two (the customer limit) while I was standing there talking to Mommy (on my cell phone)! I was SHOCKED to see it there and thought “I’d better get it now because who knows if I’ll come across another one?” And I think Aidan will LOVE it. Absolutely LOVE it.

So now I am DONE officially, with my holiday shopping. Now it’s wrapping time, and Christmas card time. But tonight, it’s bed time.


P.S. Spam folder count: 83

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