Day: December 9, 2006

More Holiday Photo Fun! (Pictures)

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That Meme Again

Directions: Write the first sentence in your journal from every month.

(I am not including posts from locked posts.)

Here are mine from 2006.

January: Hi!
February: So yesterday, I went and got my hair done for the first time since September.
March: Libby is AWESOME!! <3
April: Hi hi!
The Blurrrrrrr is something that’s been on my mind and something I’d wanted to post about for a long time.
June: Radio Fusion Chicago is Love
July: Hmm.
August: Or as E.Mae would say: TFGIF. HA.
September: My mom promised to make me salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and corn when I go up to see her on Saturday!
October: Happy October!!
November: I’m tired.
December: Current Temp is 28ºF.

HAHA. I’m so random. :)

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Holiday Photo Fun! (Pictures)

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Aidan woke me up this morning at about 9:14, but I’d already been up since 8:35 or so, just lying there, trying to will my bladder not to feel so full, and thinking.

He got up and watched Frosty the Snowman, ate two packs of blueberry oatmeal and played Blues Clues Scavenger Hunt. I cleaned the litter box, put away some stuff, and checked email and ate breakfast.

With Aidan in tow, I headed to the bank to activate my new ATM card and make a deposit in the ATM (Aidan put the envelope in for me, and he had a blast imitating the beeping noise), then we headed to the post office, because I lost my stamps AGAIN and had to buy new ones, and I had to mail my car payment and also send off the friendship journal that verytruly, selfstyled, and I are doing. Now I am in for the day/night, and Aidan’s playing Sesame Street games on the laptop. I got my final component of holiday gifts today, so I can start assembling and wrapping MAYBE. Aidan’s gifts are mixed in–I’d hate to pull out the wrong thing! So we’ll see. Perhaps I should finally do the cards, huh?

Last night, I went to my friend tamirabeth‘s for a party. Her new place is BEAUTIFUL. Oh my gosh. It’s gorgeous!! It’s an old place, big rooms, hardwood floors, moulding. The party was small and Aidan and I had to leave before it picked up (I’m sure it got huge later that evening) because he and I were both getting tired! We had a good time, though. Kim was there and it was nice to hang out and catch up and talk in depth about bowel movements and farting. It was a good night. :)

Here’s hoping for a good rest of my Saturday!

P.S. Spam folder count: 112

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