Directions: Write the first sentence in your journal from every month.

(I am not including posts from locked posts.)

Here are mine from 2006.

January: Hi!
February: So yesterday, I went and got my hair done for the first time since September.
March: Libby is AWESOME!! <3
April: Hi hi!
The Blurrrrrrr is something that’s been on my mind and something I’d wanted to post about for a long time.
June: Radio Fusion Chicago is Love
July: Hmm.
August: Or as E.Mae would say: TFGIF. HA.
September: My mom promised to make me salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and corn when I go up to see her on Saturday!
October: Happy October!!
November: I’m tired.
December: Current Temp is 28ºF.

HAHA. I’m so random. :)

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