Day: December 12, 2006

Nothing Much

Been spending the evening combing the net looking for freelance copy editing jobs. Writing jobs, too. Anyone know of anyone who needs proofing or editing? Refer them to me. My fees are competitive.

Now I am hungry, but unsure of what I want to eat. Okay, who am I kidding? I want spaghetti. Ha. But the kitchen is a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning it. Bah.

Has anyone ever noticed that when a company is supposed to give you money, they take their sweet time with it, but if you owe them money, they’re on it like white on rice? Grrrr.

I found my postage stamps again. I hope that’s a sign that things are looking up.

Lucy is curled into a grey donut in front of my bookcase.

I haven’t turned my Christmas tree lights on in two days.

I have a new cold sore.

Vendors keep sending goodies to work. Today, Setting Pace sent smoked salmon and cheddar cheese, among other things. I had three pieces of cheese.

I got a box from crimsonghost_oh full of Nag Champa goodness. I shall burn some now.

Oh, and and a $25 gift card to Best Buy!!!!!! And a Toys R Us one for Aidan!!! YAY!!!!!! What a surprise! :)

I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.

See ya.

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Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius

You have been on the fast track and it may feel as if your life is taking off, but something is holding you back today. You can feel the pressure building as your overactive mind comes up with one self-criticism after another. You think you have valid reasons not to do what makes you happy. In a few days, however, you won’t be able to remember them, so for now, just continue on your present path.

Sleepness night.
Restless soul.
Broken dreams.

Yeah, that’s how it is right now.


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