Day: December 14, 2006

I Feel Productive. Kinda. (Pictures)

Enjoying Myself at the Holiday Party

Guess what I did today?

– went to the Post Office, and mailed out holiday packages;
– went to Target and bought necessities like shower gel, cat food, and laundry detergent;
– finally finished my Christmas cards;
– wrapped a bunch of gifts (there are some for Aidan that are shaped so oddly–how in the fresh hell am I supposed to wrap those?);
– put together the rest of the packages which are to be sent when I get paid next week;
– transferred a prescription;
– cleaned the living room

So, w00t.

Now I just have to tackle the dishes. *hides from them*

Today at work, there was the holiday party. Lots of fun. Two hours of not having to work, wheee. Heehee. There was lots of food (I had chicken, scalloped potatoes, and three cookies, plus lemonade to drink), and prizes raffled off, and live music, which included some foot-stompin’ hand-clappin’ traditional Irish music. Yea!!!

I sat at a table with some fun people. The food was good, and I certainly enjoyed that Irish music.

Just Me
Just Me. Smiling, and full.

This was the centerpiece on our table. I won one, but not this one. Okay, I didn’t actually “win,” it was totally rigged, but still. :)

The best part was the raffle ticket that said “Happy Holiday’s.” Do we NOT work for a publishing company? I am beginning to think documentation NEEDS to go through copyediting, because last week, the program from the kids’ program said Doner instead of Donner in the Rudolph song!!! Eeek!

Today at work, I copy edited a book about Coretta Scott King. I had no idea the woman had been so beautiful. She was breathtaking!! Did you know that Martin talked to her about marriage on their first date? Ha. And that she’d thought he was handsome, but too short? How cute, huh? Together, those two made quite a pair and changed American forever.

I got a couple of cards today. A card in the mail from alwaysonlybe, a Vegas postcard from celinedion, and a card from Sandy at work with a $10 gift card to a bookstore. Oh, and a letter from meimeigui with extra happiness inside!! ♥

Early this morning, about 1am, I was hit with a raging craving for chicken and stars soup. I wasn’t about to eat soup at 1am, so I’m eating it now. Yum.

I should head to bed. I have a long day tomorrow, but the evening should be fun. I’m going out to a co-worker’s place with Aidan, to have warm/fuzzy/snuggly/wuggly Christmas time fun. We’re gonna bake cookies and drink cocoa and watch Christmas DVDs. I wish I could find my pajamas with feet so I could wear them, but I’ll be fine. I’ll bring running pants to change into, maybe.

‘Til next time!

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