Day: December 16, 2006


Yesterday, I got to work in an unexplainable cranky mood. Probably due to my tiredness. I just wasn’t in the mood to copy edit, but most specifically, I didn’t want to copy edit those 2Rs that were in from Baseline. Talk about confusing and time consuming! But I’d forgotten that it was the company-wide monthly birthday party until Sandy reminded me, and then she gave me a card. There were only a few of us who got sang to, but that meant free fruit and chocolate cake for breakfast. And 30 minutes away from my desk.

I got back to my desk and E. Mae had sent out an invite, asking all the copy editors to lunch, her treat. We ended up at this Italian place in Grandview. Great food, slow service, but it was okay. The bread was amazing!!

There is so much food and good stuff all over the department. Cookies and candies and just… loads of free stuff for the taking. I ate way too much yesterday. I paid for it this morning! Ha. (Remind me to lay off the apple juice. Like, for real, yo.)

I was thinking of letting my hair grow another two to four inches without relaxing it, then cutting off all the relaxed hair and going natural. My hair is in such bad shape now, I don’t see how it could hurt. What do you guys think? It’d probably look like this little girl’s hair in my icon:

Think I could pull it off? I’m seriously thinking about it. I know my hair will be a HOT MESS the next few months if I do this, but it will be natural, all natural, if I decide to go for it. i am so tempted, you have NO idea. Give me your opinions. In the meantime, I will be looking for information on natural hair care, going natural, blah blah blah.


Last night was so much fun! Aidan and I went to my co-worker’s Heather’s place, where she was watching a little 3-year old named Katie. We watched The Polar Express and How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Dr. Suess version), and baked cookies. The kids played with toy trains, and this really neat “Pizza Party” set by Melissa and Doug, the same people who made the See and Spell I got Aidan for Christmas. That pizza party was so cute, and I found out that they have all sorts of neat food toys. I wish I was rich. I’d buy them all for Aidan in a heartbeat, and buy extras to donate. Those toys are THAT GOOD.

Today, even though Aidan didn’t get to sleep until after 1am, he was up at 8:30. I was as well, though, so it worked out. We had a lazy morning, then we headed out for Saturday errands–Post Office, bank, and Target to get essentials and prescription refills. He got compliments left and right today about how cute he is. People smile when they see him. It’s adorable. When we got to the bank, I glanced up and saw three beautiful dogs looking at us. They were in the back of an SUV with the top-back window open. The owner had just happened to come out as I was commenting to Aidan on how pretty they were, and he let us pet them. They were very friendly, and I got “kissed” on the nose twice. One was a husky, one was pure white, and the other was golden–he looked like a retriever or so.

Aidan ate three bowls of oatmeal today, and drank two cups of apple juice, so he’s been running to the bathroom quite often. He and I had a picnic of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, followed with leftover cookies from last night at Heather’s. It was very good.

Now, he and I are both wrapped in towels, sitting at computers, and drying off after our Saturday night bath. Oh, correction, he’s stark naked, which is one of his favorite ways to be. Silly kid.

He is VERY excited about Christmas. He really gets it this year. He TRIED to open a gift already, but I wouldn’t let him. Not until next week! :) But he did help me wrap a gift for “Grandmommy” and one for “Grandpa Greg.” Oh, and little gifts for the cats. We gave Lucy hers already. I’m having a great time using “Santa Claus” to get him to be good. >:) The best part is making up explanations for every question he throws at me. I’m having a blast. Haven’t taken him to see Santa yet–the lines are crazy long, and I think he’ll be okay if he doesn’t get to see him. He really wants a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that toy is INSANELY hard to find, and the people on eBay are making loads off of it. I’m hoping the TMX Tickle Me Elmo (should it be Tickle-Me Elmo, to be grammatically correct? Probably not. I’m going CRAZY over open and closed compounds, and hyphenated ones, too. At least, it’s not Tickle Me, Elmo) will take his mind off of the Clubhouse. OH GOD. Yesterday, he asked for a Wii. Um…no. LMAO. I think, with all the stuff my mom got him (and she’s still not done, she says) he’ll be so overwhelmed that he’ll forget the Clubhouse. I HOPE. Eeep.

‘Til next time!

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Ups & Downs. Ups & Downs. My financial situation is like a see-saw. I’m trying to be as wise as I can, but the bills are coming quickly and furiously, and the income is trickling in. Thanks to the grace of a few friends, I’ve been able to make it this month (we’ll forget about the skipping the phone bill and gas bill part), and I’ve been finagling with my doctors to get medications switched from Third Tier to First Tier/generics so I won’t have to shell out $60 a month. Now, all I have to do is make some phone calls to the insurance company and switch my payment to monthly or something like that, and oh yeah, find a 2nd job to be able to be sure I will be able to make it from month to month and enough for surprise expenses.

This is hard. The money thing is killing me. I have no idea how to go about finding a part-time job that will deal with my having Aidan on the weekends. Ugh, the thought of waitressing makes me ill. But maybe I can be a hostess. I think I can handle that. I hope. I’ll be heading out to the restaurants this week. *sigh* I hope they can deal with me working Tues-Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. I can’t do Fridays and Saturdays, those are my Aidan days are are absolutely out of the questions, as are Mondays. But, I think I can handle hostessing for 4-5 hours a night, for a few nights a week. We’ll see what happens.

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