Day: December 17, 2006

Given The Choice Between the Two of You, I’d Take the Seasick Crocodile (Pictures)

Aidan and I had an awesome weekend together. When he leaves Sundays, I have mixed feelings. One says “now, I can rest!” and the other says “Oh, he’s so cute. I’ll miss him!” But I’ll see him tomorrow, so it’s okay.

I’d had every intention of taking a one-hour nap, getting up at 3:30pm, and walking down to the library. I didn’t get up until 5pm! :( I hate that! So, I decided to wash my towering pile of dishes, make dinner, and wrap presents. I’m all done!

My Tree

My Tree
One of my nutcracker ornaments.

Christmas Corner
My holiday corner.

Fun Effect
On Tuesday, Rob and I were playing with my 6-point filter, and decided to do something cool with my big ass sunglasses. Check out the flash in the lenses! :) (Please ignore how NOT CUTE I look)

Weeks ago, I’d purchased steaks at Kroger Marketplace. Three little ones to a package, buy one package, get one free. Last week, I opened the package and made a little steak on Sunday night, one on Monday night, and I made the last one tonight. I had that, green beans, and rice made in the rice steamer. It was yummy! :)

And now starts the last week before the holidays officially begin. Copy editing galore for me. I did download some Christmas music that I used to listen to as I was growing up–a few Nat King Cole and Elvis Presley songs. There are a few cards that need to go out, and some to take to work tomorrow. I’d love to get some candy to stuff into Aidan’s stocking, but we’ll see how the budget looks for that.

Time to bake some muffins for next week’s breakfasts. :)

See ya!

P.S. Just like to mention that I hate loud neighbors. That is all.

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While watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol, adamselzer noticed that during the scene where the rats are digging Ebeniezer’s grave, one of the headstones in the background says “Gladys Knight.” Today, I paused the DVD and zoomed in, and noted that it went a step further and said “Gladys Knight & The Pips.”

I wonder if she knows about this?

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