I’m thirty-two years old today. I don’t look it, I certainly don’t feel it, but there it is. I was born in 1974. The decade that teens now surely believe belong to the old people. I can say I’ve known people for 15-20 years. And yet, some memories of childhood still seem like yesterday. My life has taken a change that I certainly did not see coming a year ago. Make that several changes. And I’m growing into this new person, and learning to like her, maybe even love her. Appreciate her, nurture her, and take care of her.

I got to work this morning, and there were suprises on my desk. The admin was going around putting pretty silk boxes filled with candy on everyone’s desk, and giving those of us who were present a red rose. There were cards, and homemade fudge Rice-Krispie treats. There was an antsy and excited me, accepting happy birthday greetings from all over. In the midst of all that, I got everything done, and tomorrow, once I finish the two things in my inbox, I will be caught up through January 4, 2007. Unless I get some surprise rush stuff.

After work, all of us who worked on the LACE guides went to The Knotty Pine for drinks and snacks. Tamera bought the first round, but I only ordered a lemonade. I wish I could have stayed longer–everyone else was drinking and it would have been fun to hang out with them outside of work, and relaxing. Susan, the project manager, gave us all $20 gift cards to Barnes and Noble (YES!!), and Tamera gave us all Christmas CDs titled Naughty or Nice.

The past two days, I heard a beautiful version of Canon on the radio, with lyrics–a children’s choir singing Christmas lyrics. It was so pretty. I was sure I’d never hear it again, but it came on tonight. I decided to do some searching, and thanks to Google, I found it. Christmas Canon, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

This night
We pray
Our lives
Will show

This dream
He had
Each child
Still knows

The only bad thing I am worried about are my brakes. They’re grinding badly, so that means instead of relaxing tomorrow evening before the holiday rush, I’ll have to go and get them looked at tomorrow. I know something’s going to have to happen–more than likely new brake pads, but I really can’t afford the money or time to get it taken care of. However, I won’t have a choice–I need to be able to drive!! So I’m trying to figure out what I can move around and manipulate to make this happen. *sigh* I feel like I’m on a financial see-saw. :( Tomorrow’s payday, but it’s not like I’ll see any of it!

Tonight, Bizzy came over, and we had spaghetti with hot dogs and watched The Boondock Saints. I’d wanted to see her brother’s band play at Little Brothers, but there was an $8 cover (although Jon said he’d get us in free), and I didn’t want to drive with my car acting so weird, and they weren’t going on until 10. Old folks like me shouldn’t be out that late. *innocent look*

Okay, so I was out late last night. Angelo and I went shopping. Okay, Angelo went shopping and I helped him pick out gifts. He got loads of neat things for his sister. He also bought me dinner at Applebee’s. We went to Best Buy, where he spent a nice chunk of change, so I gave him my Reward Zone card to use. More points for me! I used the gift card Andy gave me and got a CF card reader. Now it will be less hassle to get my pictures off of my camera. We also went to Toys R Us and spent way too much time in there. Playing with the Elmo that says your name. Looking at crayons and board games and dolls (the Hilary Duff doll may have scarred me for life) and learning toys and there I was, wishing I had all the money in the world so I could buy Aidan everything. But he’s going to have a very special Christmas anyway, thanks to my mom, and Andy, and Chris, and Ivy and everyone else who thinks he’s special enough to shower with gifts this holiday. Including me!! :D

Tried out a new hairdo.

New Hairdo

I think my face looks huge and blah, but the curls are cute. It’s not shorter, just very curly. I got a lot of compliments on my hair today.

Honestly, as far as looks go, winter is not my best season in my opinion. I think autumn is. And summer. But winter and spring…? Ugh. Just… ugh. And winter starts tomorrow officially, so yeah. Six months of me feeling UGH about myself, appearance-wise. Just…UGH. I’ve stopped wearing makeup months ago, but I wonder if I don’t look too pale or whatever? Wait. I’m not fishing for compliments or reassurance. This is my honest assessment about the way I look these days. I won’t go any more into depth than that.

So, digressing….

I took that picture at work, can you tell? That’s Janet in the background working at her computer.

Finished reading A Christmas Carol. :) I’d never read the book before, and it was hard to put down. I loved it. But now I’m a bit sad because it’s over!! That’s the one bad thing about good books. Eventually, they do end. Good thing I’m a re-reader.

All right, I should get to bed. I’m starting to get reflective and melancholy, and there is no reason for that. And I have a longish day tomorrow. Sigh. The evenings go by too quickly anymore. :( It’s not fair. But oh well. C’est la vie!

Til next time.

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