MY CAR is costing me more than Aidan costs me.

My front two breaks (*) were SCREWED royally. Of course, the car is five years old and I can blame that, but instead, I AM GOING TO BLAME THE FUCKING SLOW ASS COLUMBUS DRIVERS WHO HIT THEIR BRAKES FOR NO REASON OVER AND OVER JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE IDIOTS.

* – was nice enough to remind me that it’s BRAKES not breaks. HAHA.

Okay, that done. I also needed to get three belts replaced. Loads of other stuff that I opted not to do tonight. We won’t discuss the cost, because a very dear friend of mine picked up the tab on it, cheerfully, and I don’t know how I will ever thank him enough.

Got GREAT mail today! Four packages (CDs, banana lube- don’t ask, a journal, and pretty Mikasa stuff), cards, and a letter with two giftcards! Again, my friends are way beyond amazing. WAY beyond it. Just waiting on the package from swankivy, who says that today, she got the one I sent her! YAY!!!!! But still… just wow. :)

I’m exhausted. I was at the shop for about four and a half hours. No nap for me, and no rest for me until Tuesday. Early bedtime, tonight. How much you wanna bet I won’t fall asleep until 1am, again?

‘Til next time.

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