Day: December 22, 2006

A Couple of Happy Things (Picture)

Aidan and me, matching again:

Mommy and Aidan

He loves the gifts he got from Ivy; a toy airplane and a bulldozer that really works.

He is playing with everything in his stocking:
– a little stuffed moose who “sings” O Christmas Tree;
– a toy DHL airplane;
– a bubblegum story book;
– a CD and egg-shaped maracas;
– one of those M&M stocking stuffer tube thingies.

Other happiness: adamselzer‘s book FINALLY has a cover on Check it out here. While you’re there, pre-order it. Want a preview? Go here for an excerpt. I guarantee, you’ll love it. Take it from me, his number one fangirl, street team person, whatever.

I have to pack for the long weekend away! Eeep. Not to mention–I have to try not to forget any of the gifts! Eek!

‘Til next time!

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I’m One High-Falutin’ Son of a Gun

Got to work this morning. Everyone was kind of punch drunk, with the holidays being so close and all. Heather gave Jay some Head On, so of course, I had to keep saying “Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. Apply directly to the forehead. Apply directly to the forehead.” HAHA. Then he let us try it. It made my head tingle and I felt relaxed all over. Both Heather and Jay attest to its effectiveness. Good stuff.

I skipped the lunch outing, but the office was SO quiet because just about every one else left, so I took a very nice nap. :)

Next week, I get to develop another style guide! This one will be for the Teacher Edition of the Pre-K Handwriting program.

Stopped by Target to get cat litter, and then came home to find a notice on my door for two packages from UPS! I went to my mailbox and saw another package slip! I RAN to the rental office, and found out that I had FOUR packages waiting for me! Elizabeth had to give me a bag so I could carry everything. I got a package from Ivy with:

Newsies soundtrack;
– Pitcher and glasses;
– Pink slipper boots (they are so unbelievably cute!!);
Eats, Shoots & Leaves;
– Nag Champa (!!!)
– stuff for Aidan :)

From Andy, I got a Mickey Mouse toaster (!!), and some footie pajamas (I am so putting them on after I take out the trash), and I got more Mikasa stuff from Rosa!

Overwhelmed? Oh yes. Feeling VERY loved? Absolute-freakin’-lutely!!!!!! :)

Chris is on his way over with Aidan. I’m going to let him open his stocking and play with the things Ivy got him tonight. We’ll probably watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol a million times. Tomorrow, we’ll head up to my mom’s for the weekend, and I’ll come back home Sunday. Spending some of the day with a few Davis folks on Christmas, and recovering all day Tuesday !!!!

Before I go, I have to clean out my car. My mother told me to do so. :O

I have no plans to go out anymore today–it’s rainy, people are driving like bad bananas with greasy black peels, and I want to relax for the drive up tomorrow, and before the weekend. Can’t wait ’til Aidan gets here! :)

‘Til later!

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