Aidan and me, matching again:

Mommy and Aidan

He loves the gifts he got from Ivy; a toy airplane and a bulldozer that really works.

He is playing with everything in his stocking:
– a little stuffed moose who “sings” O Christmas Tree;
– a toy DHL airplane;
– a bubblegum story book;
– a CD and egg-shaped maracas;
– one of those M&M stocking stuffer tube thingies.

Other happiness: adamselzer‘s book FINALLY has a cover on Check it out here. While you’re there, pre-order it. Want a preview? Go here for an excerpt. I guarantee, you’ll love it. Take it from me, his number one fangirl, street team person, whatever.

I have to pack for the long weekend away! Eeep. Not to mention–I have to try not to forget any of the gifts! Eek!

‘Til next time!

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